Last year, nearly 10,000 children in Multnomah County were exposed to domestic violence.

Support from a safe, nurturing caregiver who understands their child’s developmental needs is one of the best ways that children exposed to violence can heal. YOU make the difference.

What Can I do to Support My Child Who Has Been Exposed to Violence?
African American Babies Coalition - learn how brains are built
Healthy Relationships Based on Equality
Everyday Magic: How Adults Can Support Children Exposed to Violence and Trauma
For Children Exposed to Family Violence
Free & Fun Games to Promote Emotional Regulation in Children
Healing the Invisible Wounds
Healthy Relationships for your Teen
Helping Your Child Build Healthy Self Expression Through Play
National Compadres Network
Build Bonds With Your Child
Sanemos las Heridas Invisibles
Support Your Baby's Early Learning

Children exposed to violence often need help learning how to be calm. This video can help you and your children get calm together through breathing, and with a little help from Elmo!


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